Best Paint Sprayers Reviewed 2021

Do you ever get bored with just using a paintbrush or a roller? DIY and decorating is a thoroughly satisfying task, especially when it’s finished, but it is fair to say that the act of painting can err towards the laborious instead of the fun. Obviously, a paint sprayer exists for more reasons than just … Read More

Best Paintbrushes Reviewed 2021

When it comes to DIY and decorating around the home, the first and most straightforward thing that comes to mind (unless you live in a rental property, or have very lenient landlords) is a splash of paint. You could, theoretically, spend hours picking out the perfect colour schemes, specific paints, statement walls, choose between different … Read More

Best Paint Stripper for Wood Reviewed 2021

When we think about home decoration and renovations, one of the first things you might start thinking about and researching is what colour or finish you’re going to get. We’ve all been there, planning out our dream home aesthetics (after all, isn’t that what The Sims is for?). However, just remember that home decorating is … Read More

Best Paint Rollers Reviewed 2021

Let’s face it, it can seem like very slow going if you’re using a paintbrush on a larger project. For some, getting a smooth finish with brushes can be a more difficult time – plus, there’s always the risk of having problems with your paintbrush bristles and having them detach from the handle, leaving you … Read More