Best Decking Paint Reviewed 2021

If you’re fortunate enough to have room in your garden for a decking area, then what are you waiting for? With a gorgeous summer beckoning for the UK and a relaxing of the lockdown guidelines to allow for outdoor gatherings, you’d be amiss not to immediately get thinking about back garden barbecues! There’s really never … Read More

Best Shed Paint Reviewed 2021

The humble shed is the lynchpin of many gardens, whether people realise it or not. Especially for a lot of modern builds that don’t have space for something like a garage or even a utility room, the shed becomes an ideal and relatively inexpensive addition to the garden. The benefit of creating space to store … Read More

Best Garage Door Paint Reviewed 2021

If your car is your pride and joy, then it’s only fitting that you give it somewhere cosy and protected to live. And, let’s say you want to show off your car – what does everyone see first? The door, of course. Well, obviously a garage is designed for more than just car storage. Some … Read More

Best Front Door Paint Reviewed 2021

Picture the scene, if you will. You’re on the phone to a friend who’s coming over (we’re still in lockdown at time of writing, so maybe this is a weird concept?) and you’re trying to describe visual clues to them so they know which house is yours. Having tried lots of different options, you scramble … Read More

Best Fence Paint Reviewed 2021

When it comes to doing up the garden, there’s naturally so much to do to bring colour and life into it. Flowers, plants and the like are just the start, however, because fencing is just as important to complete the overall aesthetic for a garden. You might have immaculate flowerbeds, water features, bushes etc, but … Read More