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It’s been a peculiar summer, without a doubt, but the nights are once again drawing in. This being the UK, that means that sooner or later temperatures are sure to start dropping like nobody’s business, and it may well be time to start thinking about cranking up the heating. If you’re someone who owns the delightful winter heating solution of a wood-burning stove, now is also the time when you start to prepare for a winter of getting the most out of your stove.

Something to take advantage of, before they get thrust into full-time usage, is the opportunity to spruce up that wood burner a little. What better than to get your stove looking pristine for a fraction of the cost of a new one? Wood burning stoves present some very unique challenges for painting, and so choosing the right paint for your wood burning stove is important, not least of all because that paint has got to withstand some intense heat.

On top of the high temperature resistance, it’s also got to have the right finish – most commonly with stoves of this type, it’s the classic black cast iron look. It’s essential that your paint has a durable, smooth finish with a strong colour, remains resistant to blistering from the heat, and brushes off scratching. To that end, here is our selection of the best wood burning stove paints available to buy today.

NameCoverageDry TimeCost
Rust-Oleum Stove and BBQ Paint2.5 m2/l1 hour£
Everbuild Heat Resistant Paint2 m2 /l1.5 hour£££
Fascinating Finishes Heat Resistant Stove Paint5 m2/l0.5 hour£
Plasti-kote Woodstove Twist and Spray2.2 m2 /l1 hour££
Rustins High Heat Paint15 m2/l0.5 hour£££

Rust-Oleum Stove and BBQ Paint

Rust-Oleum are a well-regarded name in the world of home painting solutions, and this spray paint is one of their options for the high-intensity application of stoves and barbecues. Available in a matt black finish, the aim of this paint is to replicate the immaculate look of brand-new cast iron whilst offering some extra protection to boot. The standout feature is its heat resistance, able to withstand temperatures up to a heady 650oC (1200oF) – however, it is important to highlight that the paint is not suitable for use on surfaces in direct contact with open flames.

As well as the significant levels of heat-proofing, the paint has also been designed with a few other protective features. It’s a very durable paint, actively protecting against rust to maintain the look and structural integrity of your stove, and is also corrosion-resistant. Thanks to this, it enables the paint to be used both indoors and outdoors; UV absorbance is present that helps it resist fading and any dulling of the colour, promising a smooth, bold finish that lasts.


  • Good value
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • High temperature threshold


  • Strong fumes

Everbuild Heat Resistant Paint

Sporting some flames the likes of which you might see emblazoned on shirts worn proudly by Guy Fieri, Everbuild’s Heat Resistant paint makes a strong statement of intent from the get-go. Featuring a matt black finish, it’ll breathe new life into a variety of different items as well as wood burning stoves, including grates and fireplaces. The wide-ranging applications also preclude a high level of heat resistance, able to withstand temperatures of up to 600oC (1100oF), and on top of that is more capable of withstanding the heat of open flames.

The paint is easily applied, and has a quick drying time to take a lot of the potential hassle out of the job. Therefore, you might have a rapid task on your hands – depending on your surface, you should only need a couple of coats at maximum. this is if you’re painting onto bare ferrous metal; otherwise, 1 coat should be all that’s needed.


  • Quick drying
  • High heat stability
  • Versatile


  • Small tin

Fascinating Finishes Heat Resistant Stove Paint

An unassuming tin of paint for sure, but Fascinating Finishes’ stove paint is a no-fuss paint with solid quality and good features. One of its standout facets is a high level of heat resistance, capable of withstanding surface temperatures of 650oC (1200oF). With that, it’s versatile enough for use on other typically heated surfaces such as grates and exhausts, as well as wood burning stoves.

Finishing with a smart and smooth effect somewhere between matt and satin black, it’s dry to the touch in roughly 30 minutes to an hour. It will then be fully dry in around a couple of hours maximum. It’s also notable with how far a small amount of the paint will go, considering it’s in a small tin – therefore, it’s pretty good value for money.


  • Dries quickly
  • Satin finish
  • High temperature resistance


  • Small tin

Plasti-kote Woodstove Twist and Spray

This highly heat-resistant spray paint from Plasti-kote offers a lovely, smooth satin sheen with high levels of durability. This high level of durability is also actively resistant to fading, to help preserve the life and looks of your wood burning stove for even longer. As well as preserving the life of the metal it’s also highly abrasion resistant to prevent rubbing and scratching.

Far from just being a simple aerosol, the can itself has been carefully designed to make the spray painting process a bit easier. Plasti-kote’s own easy spray technology gives a degree of extra control to make the action of spray painting more efficient than when compared to more conventional spray cans. The can’s large, comfortable finger pad requires a claimed 35% less finger pressure to depress, but the main selling point is a twist and lock mechanism. This means that there is no separate top to remove, replace or lose after use. The cap and button design also works to shield your fingers from paint for a cleaner spray-painting process, whihc can be a frustrating and grubby job at times.


  • Easy to use
  • High durability
  • Preserves metal


  • Dark grey finish

Rustins High Heat Paint

Rustins’ High Heat is designed, as the name suggests, to withstand some serious heat while maintaining a bold, smart finish that’s sure to keep your wood burning stove looking as fresh as the day you bought it. Thanks to being heat proof at up to 600oC (1100oF) it’s good for use on a variety of surfaces aside from just wood burning stoves, including chimneys and barbecues.

The matt finish is clean and smart, evoking a more classic black cast iron look. It’s also very easy to use and paints well – a couple of coats might be necessary, as single coats may not have the necessary heat resistance to prevent blistering and cracking. But, as it’s touch dry in around an hour this shouldn’t be too time-consuming a process. Another bonus is that it’s supplied in a fairly generous sized tin, making it solid value for money.


  • Strong heat resistance
  • Smooth finish
  • Dries fairly quickly


  • Strong fumes

Which Wood Burning Stove Paint To Go For?

Painting up a wood burning stove can be the lease of life your stove desperately needs. There are a fair few considerations that need to be made, among which include solid colour, heat resistance, and scratch proofing. As it’s also going to be covering bare metal that may be prone to rust and corrosion, those kind of built-in protections are essential. That’s why we’ve summarised here the best overall stove paint option, as well as the best choice for those on a budget.

Best Wood Burning Stove Paint – Overall, the Everbuild Heat Resistant Paint is the best choice overall for a wood burning stove paint. It has a variety of applications, and although it’s a little on the pricier side compared to some others, this really doesn’t compromise the quality of the paint. It’s got great heat resistance, protects the metal and has a good, lasting finish.

Best Value – for value, go for for the Rust-Oleum Stove and BBQ Paint. Spray paints, as long as they’re used appropriately, make for good value choices as they tend to go quite a long way (just be wary of the fumes!). It has good heat resistance and a great finish, and you get a lot out of the can for a relatively small investment.

Wood Burning Stove Paint FAQ


The key is preparation. The stove will need a deep clean on every surface that needs painting, including the interior if you intend to paint it as well as the outside. Thoroughly get rid of any ash and dust, both inside and out, and make sure it’s in a very well-ventilated area. For one, it wants to be disconnected from any gas supplies, and secondly, spray paint can produce some strong fumes. Wear the appropriate PPE whether it’s inside or out, and make sure to lay down sufficient protective matting and things to keep the area clean.


You can, of course, buy stove paint online. Online shopping is quick and convenient, as long as you know exactly what it is that you need. The other option, if you’d feel more comfortable with some hands-on advice, try a DIY store – either a big chain or local business would do the job nicely.

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