Best Internal Door Paint Reviewed 2022

Are you looking to brighten up some of the most-used areas of the home? One of the quickest and easiest ways to brighten up all over the home, instead of just focusing on one singular room, is to address the internal doors. While walls are instrumental in carrying a room’s aesthetic, doors naturally play their … Read More

Best Emulsion Paint Reviewed 2022

Emulsion can be a slightly confusing blanket term in the context of paints, because it does actually cover a lot of bases and paint types. Scientifically speaking, an emulsion is the combination of something like oil and water – together they aren’t soluble, but can be mixed together. In painting terms, it’s the mix of … Read More

Best Ceiling Paint Reviewed 2021

How many walls are there in the average room? Obviously the answer is four. But, if we stretch the definition of wall a little bit, we could make an argument for five, because there’s always the ceiling to consider. It doesn’t always have to match the vertical walls, granted, but it still has a very … Read More

Best Skirting Board Paint Reviewed 2021

When it comes to home decoration and renovations, one of the most obvious things you can do to breathe new life into rooms is by freshening up the walls. However, you could have the most beautifully painted walls ever seen be brought down by skirting boards that are worn out. It’s surprising that a small … Read More

Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint Reviewed 2021

When it comes to redecorating the kitchen, there can be a plethora of different options. Even down to something as straightforward as changing the colour of your appliances can contribute massively to the overall look of the room, and it’s worth making it look nice because it contributes so much to the overall experience of … Read More

Best Radiator Paint Reviewed 2021

Despite writing this in the middle of a surprisingly warm and humid British summer, where radiators seem about as far from requisite as can be, now is arguably the best time to give them some love and attention. Radiators are the low-key MVPs of the house during the winter. Just think about how good it … Read More

Best Garage Floor Paint Reviewed 2021

Of all the household surfaces that might need renovating and painting over time, it’s fair to say that the garage floor might not be the first thing that comes to mind, especially when we consider how a good lick of paint can be used to reinvigorate parts of the house. That said, it doesn’t mean … Read More

Best Furniture Paint Reviewed 2021

A wonderful piece of wooden furniture can really bring a room together, whether it’s an ornate rustic table, a minimalist set of drawers, a particularly stylish coffee table… the list goes on. But, like everything, these things absorb the wear and tear of daily life over time, turning what was once the star attraction for … Read More