Month: July 2020

Best One Coat Paint Reviewed 2021

In life, there are but a handful of constants. There’s death, there are taxes, but there’s also the little-known third constant which is how waiting for paint to dry only to need another coat if the stuff is a total pain. It can be a frustrating thing, going to do a DIY project that you’ve … Read More

Best Chalk Paint Reviewed 2021

Something that’s been in fashion for a few years now, and shows no signs of slowing down, is the love of the vintage look. It’s everywhere! Most often you might see the look in clothing, with more and more people looking to charity shops for more sustainable fashion, but also to find older and less … Read More

Best Fence Paint Reviewed 2021

When it comes to doing up the garden, there’s naturally so much to do to bring colour and life into it. Flowers, plants and the like are just the start, however, because fencing is just as important to complete the overall aesthetic for a garden. You might have immaculate flowerbeds, water features, bushes etc, but … Read More