Best Anti Mould Paint 2022

best anti mould paint

Using specialist anti mould paint is a great a way to tackle those problems rooms in your house where mould can appear on your walls and ceiling. It’s a common problem found in many people’s bathrooms due to moisture in the air that comes from hot water in the form of steam not able to escape and coming into contact with a cold service such as a wall or ceiling and forming condensing forming droplets. is is an extremely common problem people face, even when there is an extractor fan in use, it’s extremely difficult to extract the steam from the room quick enough before it condenses.

Thankfully, paint manufacturers have put brought several products to the market that can help tackle problem by stopping mould growing dead in its tracks. These specialist paints use something called biocides which prevent mould from growing. Yay! No more black patches!

There are some differences in paints available, in this guide we’ve compared the best anti mould paints available so you can pick the best one for you. Below is a table with an overview of each paint, beneath this is a more in depth review of each paint product to make the buying decision easier for you. Note, all paints reviewed are primarily a matt finish, although some do offer alternatives if preferred. They all also require 2 coats.

NameProtectionCoverageDry TimeCost
Ronseal Anti Mould Paint6 years13 m2 /l2 hours££
Zinsser Interior Water-Based Paint7 years10 m2 /l2 hours££££
Dulux Easycare Bathroom Paint5 years13 m2 /l6 hours£
Dryzone Anti Mould Paint5 years11 m2 /l3 hours£££££
Ronseal Anti Condensation PaintN/A6 m2 /l2 hours££££

Ronseal Anti Mould Paint

One of the key things to look out for when buying anti-mould paint is how long will it last. This anti mould paint by Ronseal offers a lengthy six years of protection, meaning you shouldn’t need to do any more painting for years to come. It not only stops mould growing, it prevents steam settling on the surface. It has great coverage at 13 m2 per litre, joint highest out of all products which saves you money. The drying time is one of the quickest at just 2 hours, which you means the room your painting isn’t out of action for very long at all.

It does come in a slightly small tin than the others at 750ml, though the extra coverage of the product and price point more than makes up for this. Even though the paint has a matt finish, it’s also wipeable in case any marks occur and is primarily for bathrooms and kitchens. It is only available in white might be an issue for some, other than that this a fantastic product to help you in your fight against mould growing on unwanted walls and ceilings.


  • Long 6 year mould protection
  • Quick dry (2 hours)
  • Big coverage (13 m2/l)
  • Tough wipeable surface
  • Steam resistant
  • Good value


  • Only available in white

Zinsser Interior Water-Based Paint

This paint by Zinsser provides the longest protection out there with a seven year time frame. This however does come at a cost with it being the worst performing coverage wise at only 10 m2/l. It’s also one of the more expensive paint products, so you have to consider if an extra year worth of protection is worth the extra cost.

The drying time is good at just 2 hours and will bound different finish surface which are usually hard to adhere to such as gloss thanks to its self-priming technology. You can even use this paint on tiles if you require this. It is available in multiple finishes which include matt and satin, the only paint out there with anti mould properties that does. It pimarly comes in white, but you are able to change the colour through Zinsser’s tintable system. Due to the paint being water based, it’s has a low odour which might be important to some people, though what’s better than that fresh paint smell hey?


  • Longest 7 years protection
  • Quck dry (2 hours)
  • Adherable to multiple surfaces
  • Colour options (self tint)


  • Expensive
  • Low coverage (10 m2/l)

Dulux Easycare Bathroom Paint

One of the more popular brands of paint available Dulux provides a great option for people tackling mould issues. With a 5 year protection gaurantee, it isn’t the longest but is still a good length of time to not have repaint. The MouldTec within Dulux Easycare bathroom paint helps resist moisture and steam whilst also having mould prevention properties.

As with all of the paints, the finish is described as low sheen / matt. This can often be a problem as most matt paints aren’t wipeable, this one is, however. Although it is advertised as a bathroom paint, you can also use it in other rooms that suffer from high moisture and cause mould problems. It has a good level of coverage at 13 m2/l though does take longer than others to dry at six hours. If you’re on a budget and want a solid product to help protect your room, this may well be the one for you. It comes as white as standard, but there are several colour options you pick from but they do tend to cost more.


  • Resists moisture
  • 5 years protection
  • Wipeable surface
  • Good coverage (13 m2/l)
  • Great value
  • Multiple colours


  • Long dry time (6 hours)

Dryzone Anti Mould Paint

Dryzone is a company that specializes in products targeting mould and damp issues. This paint by Dryzone provides good features with 5 years protection, high strength and low odour.

The coverage is 11 m2/l which isn’t the best but is still acceptable. The drying time is 3 hours, again, for a product of this nature is good, but not the best when compared to other products available. As Dryzone specicially only product products dealing with mould and damp issues, it can provide some extra confidence in the ability of the product to do what it claims and protect you from mould. It might well be worth viewing Dryzones other products which could help you such as their mould killer spray and anti mould additive which you can add to normal paint such as emulsion.


  • Specialist anti-mould company
  • Quick dry (3 hours)


  • Doesn’t excel to comparable products

Ronseal Anti Condensation Paint

Another option from Ronseal is their anti-condensation paint. Rather than fight mould from growing itself, it prevents condensation sitting on the surface which is what causes mould in the first place.

One big advantage of using this paint is that you can paint over it, meaning you’ll get extra protection. Combining this paint with one of the others in this article would give you the very best in both mould and condensation protection. The coverage is very low at 6 m2/l, however we’d only recommend using this product in conjunction with one of the others and that’s if your mould problem is severe. The dry time is only two hours, so this gives you plenty of time to do multiple coats with other products. It’s a very tough paint which is why the coverage is so low, unfortunately, sometimes it’s not possible to have everything for the right product!


  • Fights condensation
  • Use with other products for double protection


  • Expensive
  • Low coverage
  • Not great on it’s own

Which Anti Mould Paint To Go For?

Picking the best anti mould for you might depend on several things such as cost, coverage, dry time, and length of protection. That’s why we’ve broken down below what’s best for different options.

Best Anti Mould PaintRonseal Anti Mould Paint provides the best overall features, with it’s 6 year protection, 13 m2/l coverage, quick dry time of 2 hours and being one of the least expensive.

Best Value – Prefer to go for the most affordable whilst also offering good protection? Then you’ll want to go for the Dulux Easycare Bathroom Paint. It provides similar features to Ronseal Anti Mould Paint, but with a longer dry time of 6 hours and 1 year less protection. Also likely a good option if you’ve got a large area to cover.

Anti Mould Paint FAQ

what is the best anti mould paint

Great question, we’ve get you covered with our in depth guide comparing the best anti mould paints available on the market. Be sure to read our guide in full, but the short and quick answer is Ronseal Anti Mould Paint.

how to apply anti mould paint

Using anti mould paint is no more difficult than using normal emulsion paint. First, make sure the surface you’re painting onto is clean and no mold or cracks are present. Once cleaned you can apply a layer of paint with a brush or roller. It is recommneded to apply at least 2 coats of anti mould paint to provide the most benefit.

how does anti mould paint work

Anti mould paint works by including something called biocides in the paint which prevents mould from growing. They do however have a lifespan of being effective of 5-7 years.

what is in anti mould paint additive

Anti mould additives are concentrated forms of biocidal which can be added to normal paints to provdie the benefit of fighting mould without having to buy a specialist paint.

does anti mould paint work

Yes, it works by preventing mould growing with the use of biocides. If you’re mould problem is severe, you may need to take additional mesasures such as ensuring there is adquqte ventialation.

is anti mould paint toxic

Whilst anti mould paint does contain biocidal, paint itself is a harmful chemical to humans if it enters the body. Be safe and follow the instructions on the paint tin to minimise the risk.

can you paint over anti mould paint

Typically the answer is no, you can’t paint over anti mould paint. The best option is to pick a anti mould paint in the colour you need it or use a anti mould addiditive that can be added to normal paint.

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