Best Eggshell Paint Reviewed 2022

What came first, the emulsion or the eggshell? That was good, right? Anyone? Dreadful jokes aside, it’s technically emulsion that came first, because eggshell is a type of finish. It’s becoming ever-more popular because of how it captures an understated look with the slightest of shines because of its resemblance to (you guessed it) eggshells. … Read More

Best Satinwood Paint Reviewed 2021

Whatever your aesthetic and design choices in your home, you want a paint that is going to complement and enhance what you’ve got. It’s important that you strike that balance with everything in the rest of the home, and ultimately, satinwood paint represents that balance pretty well. Satinwood, as a finish, sits midway between a … Read More

Best Gloss Paint Reviewed 2021

Name Coverage Dry Time Cost Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Gloss 9 m2 /l 8 hours ££££ Dulux Quick Dry Gloss 16 m2 /l 6 hours £ Crown Quick Dry Gloss 16 m2 /l 1 hours ££ Ronseal Ultra Tough Gloss 7 m2 /l 2 hours ££ Leyland Trade Fast Drying Gloss 10 m2 /l 4 hours … Read More

Best Chalk Paint Reviewed 2021

Something that’s been in fashion for a few years now, and shows no signs of slowing down, is the love of the vintage look. It’s everywhere! Most often you might see the look in clothing, with more and more people looking to charity shops for more sustainable fashion, but also to find older and less … Read More